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Mika Pohjola - piano

Our time is full of noise. A frenzy of reaching something faster than time can allow has taken over our natural beings. The Red Bicycle is a tribute to the opposite energy of all this craziness we live in. This is a spontaneous recording, made in a moment of inspiration in just over an hour. I was lucky to get it all recorded, it seldom happens. Most songs were recorded back to back since there was no sound engineer. It was easier to just keep going. The Red Bicycle, parked on the cover image in the middle of the bridge over a river, awakens the thought "Wait a minute: What's the hurry? What's really going on? What is important, right now?" I hope you, the listener, will wind down and reflect over these important questions as we're approaching the end of the 20th century. What has changed? For the better or the worse? Is time really moving faster or did we start drinking more coffee? Did we get more done? And that question which may touch the soft spot: Are we happier? Slow energy is not supported in our time, but it can be very powerful. On this album, I've tried to include nothing but that, and I hope you'll enjoy it as we enter a hopefully more peaceful 21st century.
Mika Pohjola

The Red Bicycle

Released 2009

by Mika Pohjola